Security Statement
Protecting your data, securing your success!

Security Statement

Protecting your data, securing your success!

At BANCOM, safeguarding your privacy is our top priority! 
We believe that seamless services and robust security go hand in hand. Our security measures are outlined to encircle the entire spectrum of daa protection. We use these security protocols to detect, prevent, and promptly respond to any potential threats that may arise.

Data Encryption

Data encryption is important in securing your valuable information. Just as we safeguard physical assets, we employ encryption to defeat cyber threats.

BANCOM (Cloud Services and Products) utilizes advanced encryption techniques to protect your data from unauthorized access.

Network Protection

Network security is a key element in our security program. Our network security is meticulously designed to break off malicious attacks. Through multiple layers of defense, we prevent unauthorized access and ensure the integrity of your network. Our Network Protection Service provides continuous monitoring, maintenance, and tuning to enhance our network security further. 

Internal & 3rd Party Assessment

We understand the importance of trust in business relationships. Our rigorous vendor assessment process ensures that service providers adhere to stringent security standards, minimizing risks associated with data sharing. We partner with the best in the industry to ensure that our products go through the most stringent and rigorous security assessments. We also make sure that our services meet the recommended security standards.


Staying ahead of compliance standards is essential in today's data-driven landscape.

BANCOM is committed to the highest level of trust, transparency, standard conformance, and regulatory compliance.

Security Benchmark

We at BANCOM, continuously monitors, analyzes and rates overall security performance through an objective lens, giving our clients the ability to visualize and quantify our security posture and benchmark our performance against industry peers. Industry peers’ security posture rated with externally observable data, accessible without permission from the rated company. Powered by  BitSight Security Ratings

Security Monitoring

We attempt continuous security monitoring that provides us with real-time visibility of users and their devices when they try to connect to or work on our enterprise network. 

With our continuous security monitoring, we can monitor and verify security and compliance requirements regardless of whether data resides locally or in a data center, virtual environment, or the cloud.

Our monitoring team does that critical job for us. We also have 3rd party assessments at regular intervals. 

 Security Best Practices

Two Factors Authentication

Enhancing security with two-factor authentication, requiring multiple forms of validation for account access. These two factors include the password and a code generated on mobile devices (OTP). By requiring more than one factor during the authentication process, there is increased assurance that your access is authorized. While there is a risk that a single factor such as a password may be compromised requiring a second factor can effectively mitigate the risk. 

Prevention from Phishing Mails  

 BANCOM believes in educating users to recognize and avoid phishing emails and safeguarding against malware and unauthorized access.

Phishing emails can appear as legitimate messages from real companies (package delivery, payroll, IRS, social networking, etc.). Our users are advised never to open emails from unknown sources. These sender’s address should always be verified and any links to URLs can be hovered over to validate them. The link should show a URL ending in “” 

Your data is private to us and we do not share it with any 3rd party without the user's consent.