Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders in IT & Cloud Technology

Experience the best-in-class learning experience for your Salesforce Career!

Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders in IT & Cloud Technology

Experience the best-in-class learning experience for your Salesforce Career!

BANCOM: Where Leadership Go Beyond Boundaries

BANCOM is a leading Salesforce Training provider for IT enthusiasts and Salesforce professionals. With a focus on practical learning and real-world experience, we offer specialized courses in the cloud and tech industries. BANCOM also provides personalized training and extensive placement opportunities. We are marching ahead in creating a dynamic platform that revolutionizes the training for Salesforce Technology.

Our Mission & Vision

BANCOM aims to be your guiding light in the evolving landscape of IT and cloud technology. We strive to blend technology with education to equip you with the skills for today and tomorrow.

  • AI-Infused Learning Solutions: We harness the power of Artificial Intelligence in our Salesforce classes to develop adaptive and personalized learning experiences. We ensure our programs evolve alongside the ever-changing IT industry and cloud systems.
  • Innovative Learning Methods: We follow innovative teaching methods, and incorporate hands-on projects, and interactive simulations to provide practical, real-world experiences that enhance understanding of the core topics and retention.
  • Cloud-centric Education: Our developed Salesforce CRM course is focused on cloud systems, which provide in-depth insights into cloud computing, architecture, and management. 
  • Personalized Skill Development: We offer customized training to individual needs by recognizing their backgrounds and levels of expertise. We ensure each participant can navigate their unique journey in the IT industry and cloud systems.
  • Continuous Learning Evolution: We cultivate an environment that encourages continuous learning. We enable participants to adapt to emerging technologies, methods, and industry practices throughout their careers.
Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to create a comprehensive hub that serves every aspect of a Salesforce professional's journey. We aim to serve as the one-stop shop for Salesforce professional development.

  • Unified Platform: At BANCOM, We strive to consolidate all essential services for Salesforce professionals. Our efforts are to provide a convenient experience for job seekers, career enthusiasts, and those seeking day-to-day resources.
  • Holistic Support: Our vision is to provide job-oriented services with support for the holistic needs of Salesforce professionals. For this, we include career development and skill enhancement, etc.
  • Timely Assistance: We are dedicated to providing timely community support to professionals in need. Our proactive approach boosts our platform's effectiveness and enhances user experience.

Our Social Responsibilities

BANCOM is committed to carrying out business in an ethical way. We strive to manage our business processes by their effect on social, economic, and environmental impact. For us, maintaining human rights is at the forefront of our commitment.

Human Rights and Equality:

We stand for fairness and dignity for all.

  • We prioritize serving businesses, individuals, and communities that sustain human rights and treat all stakeholders fairly.
  • We validate for equality and check that our services align with principles of fairness and respect for human dignity.

Environmental Practices:

Our organization is committed to eco-friendly practices.

  • We are committed to partnering with businesses, individuals, and organizations that showcase environmental responsibility.
  • Our services support the stakeholders that operate sustainably and are committed to minimizing their impact on the environment, along with the exploitation of animals and their habitats.

Our Social Responsibilities

Economic Development

We partner in local growth and opportunity and are committed to social responsibility and community development.

  • We are involved in partnerships with local businesses to create internship opportunities for BANCOM trainees. These partnerships provide practical, real-world experience and increase the employability of individuals in the local job market.
  • We initiate community engagement projects that leverage the skills and expertise of BANCOM trainees. With this, we address specific challenges faced by the local community.

Our Approach 

Innovative Learning: At BANCOM, we believe in pushing boundaries. Our innovative teaching methods engage individual minds. Our courses are designed to provide practical, real-world experiences that promote understanding and retention.

Immersive Learning Environment: Our specialized training take place in the office environment that allows you to interact closely with Salesforce industry professionals, Senior Consultants and Salesforce Architects. 

Hands-on Experience: Learn by doing! Our interactive training and projects ensure you receive a practical understanding of the concept. You get to learn and grow directly from experts who equip you with invaluable insights into effective communication, interpretation, and a comprehensive understanding of Salesforce concepts.

Focus on You: Our customized programs meet you where you stand and take you where you want to go.

Community-centric: At BANCOM, you join a vibrant community of Salesforce learners and mentors who support each other every step of the way.

Meet Our Board

Nitesh Sisodia

Nitesh Sisodia

Director & Co-Founder

Meet the visionary behind BANCOM. Nitesh’s passion for Salesforce Technology drives our mission forward. He is a pioneer in BANCOM’s success. He makes sure that BANCOM delivers the best in industry training and consultancy in Salesforce. For our mentees at BANCOM, he is the inspiration to work hard and be the best.

Manisha Gehlot

Manisha Gehlot

Relationship Manager

The heart and soul of BANCOM, Manisha knows a lot about making BANCOM successful. She ensures every student feels valued and supported at BANCOM. Her hard work, perseverance, and importantly her passion for the world of Salesforce is behind the success of our trainees at BANCOM.

Core Values

BANCOM is committed to the following core values:

Team Work
Together, we achieve more

We trust clear communication

Our energy fuels your success

Ethical Purpose
We do what’s right, and always

User Joy
Surprising and delighting you beyond expectation

Constantly seeking creative solutions 
for your needs

Our Commitment

Quality Education: We pride ourselves on delivering best-in-class Salesforce training that meets the highest standards of education.

Continuous Improvement: We are at the forefront of learning and evolving to stay ahead of the industry curve. Your success is our motivation.

Our Commitment